Why this Approach?

Since its founding, The Salvation Army has served as a bridge within communities, providing care, hope, and belonging. Pathway of Hope supports the mission of The Salvation Army through the intentional integration of spiritual and religious care with casework services. The local team of officers, employees, volunteers, and corps members surround participants to collaboratively focus on the action plan created for each participant.

"If we are to better the future we must disturb the present"
- Catherine Booth

The Canada and Bermuda Territory’s vision for Pathway of Hope is to create a philosophical and cultural shift in our practice of providing service and support. Pathway of Hope fulfills an organizational desire to move beyond ‘serving’ toward approaches that focus on ‘solving’ and transformational change.

In addition, social sector funding is increasingly focused on results and evidence-based outcomes. The Salvation Army aims to be a high-impact organization and we must commit to evaluating the effectiveness of our work. Through the Pathway of Hope approach The Salvation Army can speak to the effectiveness of its community supports in a way that is data-supported.