By Lt-Colonel Les Marshall, the Secretary for Mission, Canada and Bermuda Territory


Fit4Mission is a modular e-learning curriculum designed to support the ethical, missional, and professional delivery of The Salvation Army’s community work and social services. It provides foundational learning of The Salvation Army’s mission, vision, and values for those engaging in direct service and supports to the community. The learning content supports the values of service and stewardship, both by increasing personnel capacity with enhanced training resources and through developing our awareness of day-to-day operations and risk prevention approaches as we provide hope and dignity to those we support.

The Fit4Mission curriculum contains five modules, which take approximately 1 hour each to complete. These five modules are centred around:

        • Introduction to The Salvation Army
        • Understanding Poverty
        • Consent & Confidentiality
        • Working with People
        • Prejudice, Bias & Reflexive Practice

Fit4Mission is an orientation tool for employees, Officers, and volunteers working in front-line service delivery and in supervisory roles specific to community work and social services. It is recommended that personnel complete this curriculum in their first 90 days with The Salvation Army.


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