Volunteer Services Website

Welcome to the Volunteer Services website! Here you'll find all the essential resources, tools and information to help you safely and effectively engage volunteers in your programs.

This website is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to give Behind the Shield volunteers a positive experience, using the Six stages of volunteer involvement. Click on the relevant stage icon below for more information and resources. You can also download our Volunteer Management Handbook, which serves as a convenient companion piece for this website.

While volunteers have always played an essential role in The Salvation Army, only recently has there been a concerted effort in strategically developing harmonized resources to equip our local offices as they support volunteers. This includes new Volunteer Marketing and Recognition Resources to help enhance our volunteers’ journey. This co-ordinated strategy will help create managerial cohesion and build a consistent experience for all our Behind the Shield volunteers, regardless of where they choose to serve. 

All Behind the Shield assets (i.e., V-mojis, print and digital materials) are to be used solely for the purposes of Volunteer Services in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. V-mojis must NOT be altered in any way. Download the Brand Style Guide for Volunteer Services for more detailed information on our Behind the Shield brand usage.

All content will be reviewed on a regular basis and your feedback is both welcomed and encouraged.

This website is a central location for all your resources, so don’t forget to bookmark the site and visit often.

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