Triumph Publishing

Building Blocks of Spiritual Leadership by William W. Francis Convictions Matter by Ray Harris When Justice is the Measure by M. Christine MacMillan, Don Posterski, James E. Read Glory Hallelujah! by R.G. Moyles
Preaching a Disturbing Gospel by Julie A. Slous It Is Written by William W. Francis Cover of Across an Ocean and a Continent by R.G. Moyles Cover of Sermons That Illuminate by Dale W. Pilgrim
Road to Redemption book cover Living Right While Righting Wrong book cover


The Salvation Army’s editorial department in Canada and Bermuda has a rich heritage of producing literature that edifies Salvationists and furthers the Army’s mission. For many years, books were produced under the Triumph Press moniker. Up until 1995, the editorial department was headquartered in Oakville, Ont., and had its own printing press on site, which produced newspapers such as the The War Cry and other helpful reading materials. Many will remember books by such Army stalwarts as General Arnold Brown and Commissioner Edward Read. When the editorial department merged with territorial headquarters in the move to 2 Overlea Blvd. in Toronto, the printing was outsourced and the Army continued to edit and design quality in-house publications. In recent years, the Army has once again revived the Triumph Publishing brand and logo. In recognition of the digital era, we publish both printed books and e-books.