Convictions Matter

The Salvation Army has been shaped by its core convictions, called doctrines. But what difference do they make to the life of Salvationists in the 21st century? This book explores the relevance and contribution of these historic doctrines for the present age. It argues that each doctrine has something vital to contribute to the Army’s understanding and practice of holiness. These convictions matter!

In articulating and reflecting on the core convictions that guide the work of The Salvation Army and hold its communal life together, Ray Harris has achieved that elusive but essential balance between accessibility and depth. He has put the doctrines of the Army in conversation with the Salvationist understanding of holiness for the purpose of engaging the future.
— The Rev. Dr. Karen Hamilton, general secretary, The Canadian Council of Churches

Doctrines are not monuments to the past, but living testimonies to the present and hopeful signs of the future. Ray Harris adeptly looks at the formation of our doctrines [and] speaks about those doctrines with clarity and purpose [using] a wide range of sources, which will enrich the doctrinal conversation of the Army with the broader theological world.

— Dr. Roger J. Green, professor and chair of biblical studies and Christian ministries, Terrelle B. Crum chair of humanities, Gordon College, Wenham, Massachusetts

About the Author
Ray Harris is a Salvation Army officer in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. He and his wife, Cathie, have served across Canada in various congregational, college and administrative appointments. In the course of his officership, Ray received the doctor of ministry degree from Regis College, Toronto School of Theology, with an emphasis on curriculum design in theological education. He lives in Winnipeg where he enjoys family, baking muffins, singing Charles Wesley hymns and running in a prairie winter.

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