Territorial Leadership

The Salvation Army’s leadership team in Canada and Bermuda provide vision and policy direction for the territory.

They are sustained and encouraged by your prayers for wisdom and grace.

The Salvation Army - Salvationist.ca - Commissioner-Floyd-Tidd

Commissioner Floyd Tidd,
Territorial Commander
The Salvation Army - Salvationist.ca - Commissioner-Tracey-Tidd

Commissioner Tracey Tidd,
Territorial President of Women's Ministries
photo of Colonel Evie Diaz

Colonel Evie Diaz,
Chief Secretary
photo of Lt-Colonel Lynn Armstrong

Lt-Colonel Lynn Armstrong,
Secretary for Program
photo of Lt-Colonel Brian Armstrong 

Lt-Colonel Brian Armstrong,
Secretary for Personnel
photo of Lt-Colonel John P. Murray

Lt-Colonel John P. Murray,
Secretary for Communications
photo of Lt-Colonel Fred Waters

Lt-Colonel Fred Waters,
Secretary for Business Administration
photo of Lt-Colonel Wendy Waters

Lt-Colonel Wendy Waters,
Assistant Chief Secretary
photo of Graham Moore

Graham Moore,
Assistant Chief Secretary
for Organizational Development