Education for All

What is schooling for?

Christians need a newspaper in one hand and a Bible in the other— according to theologian Karl Barth. In our Talking It Over series, James Read invites thoughtful Salvationists from around the world to reflect on moral and ethical issues. Here, he speaks with Howard Dalziel about education. 

No One Can Do It All

Working together is always better.

"...remember this: you were not created to do it all and have every spiritual gifting. In your marriage, lean on your spouse and their giftings. With your kids, do the work of helping them discover their own spiritual giftings. Humbly investigate your own."

IN THE NEWS U.K. Army Musical Highlights Importance of Community Belongings, a new musical out of the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory, is a heartwarming story set in a Salvation Army thrift shop, and tells the interconnected stories of staff, volunteers and customers sheltering together during a storm. Written by Paul Sharman and Steph