Magazine Outreach

Faith & Friends can be used to present your faith in a non-intrusive way to people in your community. Churches across Canada are distributing Faith & Friends magazine in different ways. Here are some ideas for how you can reach more people and impact more lives.

Captains David and Laura Hickman, with their children, greet a nursing home resident
Cpts David and Laura Hickman, with their children, greet a nursing home resident (Photos: Joe Vella)

Give Faith & Friends away at Christmas dinners, in sunshine bags and in Christmas hampers. Give it away at the Christmas kettles and when your band performs. Go door-to-door in your community with copies.

“My wife and I do the door-to-door blitz ourselves. People are already asking when we are going to do our Christmas blitz. We learned this in training college as cadets. Without a doubt the magazine gets us into the houses we would otherwise not get into. ‘This is our thank you free of charge from us to you for your support.’ That’s how we portray the magazine. Sometimes it is an open door to communication. People ask what the magazine is about and that helps us talk about people sharing their faith and what God has done for others.” – Morgan Hillier, Robert’s Arm, Newfoundland

Take Faith & Friends to community events, bazaars and fairs.

“We had a one-stop-shop with different community organizations and there was registration for hockey or skating and we took some of our publications. When people saw Faith & Friends they took it because they recognized who was on the cover. Hopefully they got the message as well.” – Florence Borgela, Bathurst Community Church, Bathurst, New Brunswick

Use the special summer evangelism issue of Faith & Friends to reach a broader audience. Copies of this special edition of the magazine are free with you required to pay shipping charges.

Have Faith & Friends inserted into your local newspaper. Michael Simpson of Georgetown Community Church had the summer evangelism issue of Faith & Friends inserted into the Georgetown Independent Free Press and reached its circulation of 1,500-plus people.

Use Faith & Friends at park services, picnics and BBQs.

“We use the summer issue for our park services at the end of June, July and August. We give the magazine out every day of that. . . It knows its audience. It’s not too churchy. It’s not full of Salvation Army buzz words. It talks to people where they are at. A lot of our family services clients like Faith & Friends because it is readable-you don’t need to have a university degree to enjoy it.” – Geoff Groves, Georgina Community Church, Jackson’s Point, Ontario

Take Faith & Friends on nursing home and hospital visits. With permission, place copies in public waiting areas of medical, government and business buildings. Give copies to libraries.

Hold a literature Sunday in the corps. Start a pub or prison ministry using Faith & Friends as a tool to spark conversations and open doors to witness.

Have corps cadets (or other youth groups) establish a Faith & Friends route in the community.

Tell us your ideas and we’ll add them to this list. We’d love to hear about the ways your corps shares Faith & Friends.

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