God’s call is bold, compelling and life changing – and cadets engage in that call beginning on day one of their training. During your time at CFOT, you’ll deepen your relationship with Jesus. You’ll develop the skills and understanding needed to be in full-time ministry with The Salvation Army. You’ll acquire essential tools that will help you share God’s love and change lives in the communities of our world. You’ll do all of this while surrounded and supported by an experienced, capable, caring group of colleagues from different backgrounds, who love Jesus and want to share his transformative, healing love with the world. People just like you.

    Academic Life

    At CFOT, cadets will be introduced to and immersed in the joy and challenge of lifelong academic learning and discipleship. CFOT’s academic program fosters engagement in studies that inform and equip cadets to serve in ministry and live as Christians in their communities and neighbourhoods. Cadets will engage with qualified instructors and will study at an accredited academic level, completing courses that can lead to achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree.

    Spiritual Life

    The spiritual formation program is based upon a rhythm of life with daily, weekly, monthly and annual individual and community-based practices, built on the understanding that our ministry flows out of our relationship with Jesus. Through this rhythm and course instruction, learning is provided to deepen a cadet’s relationship with Jesus and develop their personal holiness.

    Community Life

    Community life while in training allows cadets to build lifelong friendships with other cadets, engage with Salvation Army leaders, and connect with Salvation Army employees and staff at territorial headquarters, where the college campus is located. During training, cadets live in communities close to their field placement, allowing opportunities to participate in community life, get to know neighbours and enjoy worship and fellowship at a Salvation Army community church near their home.

    Mission & Ministry

    The future looks bright as cadets are prepared wholistically to meet the challenges of mission and ministry in today's world. As they develop through being, knowing and doing, cadets will further understand God's purpose for their lives, join him to see souls saved, follow along in discipleship and reach out to others in God's name. Cadets are equipped and encouraged to be lifelong learners and serve God sacrificially, using the gifts and talents he has given.