The territorial strategy will help us fulfill our vision to be “an innovative partner, mobilized to share hope wherever there is hardship, building communities that are just and know the love of Jesus”.

Our territorial mission reminds us of why we exist and our territorial vision looks forward, showing us where we are heading. Our territorial values demonstrate what we look like when we show up in the world. The purpose of our territorial strategy is to guide us toward our vision; it tells us how we will get there. Our territorial strategy includes four strategic pillars, each with a set of strategic objectives. Under each strategic objective are actionable strategic initiatives that will help bring the pillars to life. The four pillars of the new strategy will see the territory:

  1. Strengthen Spiritual Health—by intentionally looking at what we can do to ensure that our ministries and communities are places of spiritual vibrancy.
  2. Design for People—by creating people-centered processes and ensuring that we are a place driven by Christian love that enables us to be a strong, sustainable, growing movement.
  3. Forge Innovative Partnerships—by building on and harnessing the strength of our internal and external partnerships.
  4. Optimize Mission Impact—by better understanding how and where we can have the most impact.