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                                         The Six Stages of Volunteer Involvement

The six stages of Volunteer Involvement provide a framework for safe and effective volunteer engagement. Each stage contains essential information, resources and steps to help: 

  • Increase meaningful volunteer engagement. 
  • Mitigate risk. 
  • Provide a systematic approach to volunteer involvement.
  • Meet our legal requirements and best practice. 
  • Create clear operational outcomes. 

The six stages include:

Plan:  Clarify the purpose of the volunteer role and assess whether you and your team can adequately support a volunteer in their role. This stage will also help you prepare to find the right person for the position.

Recruit: Take a considered approach to finding the right person for the right role. Following the steps included in this stage will help ease stress and increase the likelihood of attracting suitable volunteer applicants.

Select: Once you have chosen a candidate, make the choice a reality.

Training: Bring volunteers onboard in a way that sets them up for success and makes them feel like a valued member of your team.

Recognize: Show your volunteers how deeply appreciated their contributions are.

Evaluate: Establish a clear evaluation process assist you in understanding how your team’s engagement is currently tracking. Identify areas of success and those that require improvement.  

Start your journey at "Plan" or click on the stage you want to learn more about. You’ll be able to find resources in each stage.