Learning Pathways in the Canada and Bermuda Territory


Learning Pathways is a training in Salvation Army community engagement, community development, and community project management, available to all learners from around the world where The Salvation Army is at work.

This course gives the foundation for engaging with a community using an Integrated Mission and Faith-Based Facilitation (FBF) approach. The course links biblical and personal reflection, theology, practical applications, and readings with everyday life and ministry. It supports a movement towards change in personal life and community.

Through a learning cohort formed in your corps, youth, or women’s group, you will journey with fellow students and explore ways in which you can make more meaningful connections in your community, through work, school, clubs or neighbours. Reflecting on your own personal beliefs and priorities will help you better understand your skills, talents, and passions.

Students will complete all 12 sessions of both Community Engagement and Personal Development through registering for the online e-learning or by filling in the supplied workbook and keeping track of personal reflections and practical applications.  

Personal Development Community Engagement
1. Identifying learning goals 1. Being in community
2. Planning and Bible reflection 2. Integrated Mission: Key concepts
3. An introduction to action – reflection learning 3. Listening skills
4. Personal reflections 4. Questioning skills and Integrated Mission first visits
5. Reflecting on relationships 5. Integrated Mission: Theological principles
6. Review 6. Review
7. Reflecting on our emotions and feelings 7. Integrated Mission: Behavioural approach
8. Reflections on community 8. Integrated Mission: SALT methodology and associated reflection questions
9. Reflections on mission 9. Integrated Mission: visits in team
10. Completing learning goals 10. The Faith-Based Facilitation process
11. Review 11. Faith-Based Facilitation and community projects
12. Bringing it all together 12. Identifying common themes and trends

Learning Pathways International Headquarters Message

For any inquiries about Learning Pathways,  please contact the following Departments: 

  Department Contact 



Children & Youth


Community Mission

Claire Dunmore or Faith Sundaralingam

International Development

Robyn Goodyear

Women's Ministries

Major Jennifer Reid & Rebekah McNeilly

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