READY to LEAD is a discipleship initiative designed for youth and young adults.

READY to LEAD aims to:

    1. increase competency and knowledge,
    2. strengthen spiritual growth,
    3. expand hands-on ministry opportunities, and
    4. raise leadership capacity

in each of 13 keys areas as students and mentors engage together in the process.

The goal is for those involved in READY to LEAD to continually take the next best step forward as they become a CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused disciple of Jesus.

To get started, download the resources below:

    • READY to LEAD Overview (Read First)
    • READY to LEAD Step-By-Step Guide
    • READY to LEAD Student Worksheets

For extra guidance for small group leaders or mentors, the Supplemental Mentoring Resource is also available.

Ready To Lead Resources

Ready To Lead Resources