Blood & Fireworks Book Cover

Blood & Fireworks!

Blood & Fireworks! is a 42 day devotional book for children in The Salvation Army, written by Xander Coleman and Major Stephen Court. Each devotional is illustrated with vintage pictures to colour, chosen from historic War Cry periodicals.

Additionally, we have modified the book to give you individual handout sheets for EVERY devotional! Download the activity pages below, either as one pdf document, or by section (Capture, Train and Deploy). Great for group use!

For information on unmodified printed copies of Blood & Fireworks!, contact us.

From the introduction:

Do you know that you and I are in a war? God is going to win the war, because He is Good, and stronger than any evil. But He wants you and me to help Him fight in this war to save the world from evil.
First we need to make sure that we are saved and enjoying a close friendship with Jesus. Then we need to train up, read our Bible, pray, and allow God’s Spirit to make us more like Jesus. Then we need to get out there and tell our friends how much God loves them and can change their lives. That’s what being a Christian is all about!

Blood & Fireworks

Blood & Fireworks