The Kindness Campaign was developed by the Bermuda Division as a way for children and youth to practise kindness in their day-to-day lives. 

Young people are guided in various kindness habits and challenges through the use of yearly journals. These journals encourage students to develop habits of kindness that will put them in good stead through elementary school and beyond. There are three versions of the journal, designed with three age groups in mind:

  • 6-10 years (Agents of Kindness)
  • 11-13 years (Agents of Kindness)
  • 14-17 years (The Kindness Campaign Journal)

Each month, students are given a Kindness Habit to practise, as well as the opportunity to choose Kindness Challenges. There are thinking questions to follow up, pages to colour and various fun activities interspersed throughout the journal. Custom sticker sheets (for purchase) are a key part of these journals (bound inside the front cover to prevent loss).

Printing info is below, as well as links to download the files. To order sticker sheets, and if binding the books is a challenge locally, contact us by email.

Agents of Kindness (6-10 years)

The journal for this age group is letter sized (8.5"x11") and includes space and clear direction for kids getting used to writing and drawing. 

There are separate files in the download list below to print the covers on cardstock, and the pages double-sided on regular paper (no trimming needed).

Agents of Kindness (11-13 years) 

This journal is for middle school kids & is half letter sized (5.5"x8.5"). 

The covers and pages are separate files for print. The front and back covers should be printed onto cardstock and cropped to size. The pages are laid out two-per-page, so that the printed stack can be cut in half (giving you two journals worth of pages).

Kindness Campaign Journal

This journal is intended for youth aged 14-17. The design and activities are adjusted for relevancy to high schoolers, and include kindness challenges for social media.

Similar to the middle school option, this journal is half letter size (5.5"x8.5"); the covers need to be cropped to size, and the pages are laid out two-per-page.

The Kindness Campaign