LEADS Learning

The Army is full of passionate leaders working behind the scenes and on the frontlines of every ministry. But what does it mean to be an impactful leader in the Army? Where do you start to become one?

The LEADS framework is the first step towards building and encouraging responsible leadership in ourselves and our ministries. LEADS is how we shape and define what dynamic leadership looks like in the Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. Think of it like an ingredient list; it equips leaders with the perfect recipe of skills, behaviours, abilities, and knowledge necessary to manage ourselves and lead in the transformation of our ministries and communities.

The LEADS Learning Series is a two-part program covering the basics of the LEADS Capability Framework.


This optional workshop offers a more in-depth look at the framework, and an opportunity to engage with and learn from your peers.

    Two-day workshop series

    What knowledge can you expect to gain from our LEADS Learning Series?

    At the end of our LEADS training, you will be equipped with the leadership skills and knowledge relevant to your role as it fits into the mission and values in the Army.


    1. Discuss the opportunity with your manager and supervisor to get started.
    2. Watch all five LEADS domain videos through the LEADS Capability Framework page.


    If LEADS doesn’t seem like the right start for you, or if you’re looking for more opportunities to deepen your skills, check out some of our other development programs below.