Officer PEAC

    PEAC Process video


    Over the next few months, I would like to schedule a performance conversation with you. As you are aware, we have begun introducing the LEADS framework in the territory. I believe this is an opportune time to integrate the leadership capabilities articulated in LEADS with the existing PEAC process, and I'm looking forward to working through this with you. In the next two weeks [or whatever time frame], I will be in touch with you to schedule a mutually convenient meeting time.

    To guide these discussions, a Performance Conversation document (attached) has been developed. In preparation for our meeting, I would ask that you block some time to thoughtfully review it in advance of our meeting, highlighting competencies and capabilities you would note as personal growth opportunities over the next year. You'll see both officer characteristics and competencies and leadership capabilities (the LEADS framework). There is also the space for you to reflect on your leadership with respect to territorial and divisional priorities.

    I look forward to exploring this new leadership review model with you.


    1. TIMELINES for process:

    • Electronic version of "Working Document," is shared with participant. (3-4 weeks prior to formal discussion visit)
    • Establishment of date for formal discussion. (approximately 1 - 1/2 hours required for the visit)
    • Establishment of follow-up visit. (4-6 months following formal discussion)

    2. ACTIONS prior to formal discussion:

    Participants are asked to highlight sections of the "working document" that will be a focus for their own development during the process.

    • Officer Characteristics & Competencies - participants should highlight one "phrase" from each of the following categories; Spiritual Maturity, Salvationism, Sense of Vocation, Commitment to Mission and Ministry, Healthy Awareness of Self & Others.  (There is room for flexibility in the selection of items.  This can be discussed in detail during the formal discussion time.)
    • Territorial, Divisional & Local Ministry Unit Priorities - participants should enter comments relating to the work that they have engaged in within their own division. (Participants might include areas where they have demonstrated either direct or indirect leadership.)
    • Leadership Capabilities - participants should highlight one "phrase" from each of the following categories; Lead Self, Engage Others, Achieve Results, Develop Coalitions, Systems Transformation.  (There is room for flexibility in the selection of items.  This can be discussed in detail during the formal discussion time.)

    Area Commander highlights various sections of the "working document" described above, with the intention of using this as the basis for upcoming development conversation with the participant.


    • Area Commander and Participant bring completed (highlighted) working documents to the working discussion.
    • Each shares their document in its entirety before engaging in discussion to determine agreed upon "goals." (The work, including agreed upon focus areas, should be completed using a single "working document." A copy is then made of the completed document.  It is suggested that GOALS should be established for a more select number of areas than originally highlighted.)
    • Participant enters agreed upon goals onto the PEAC template and shares with Area Commander.  Necessary adjustments to the final PEAC document are made as required, before final "sign-offs."
    • Area Commander and Participant establish agreed upon date for follow-up discussion.  (4-6 months following formal "performance conversation.")

    4. POST CONVERSATION guidelines:

    • Achievement of agreed upon goals is discussed as well as either, the establishment of future goals, or the adjustment of current goals.
    • New timeframes are established for next performance cycle.  (This will vary depending on previous established goals and timeframes.) 



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