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Hospitality: Sharing, Relationships, Thankfulness

Hospitality Downloads

One-page study guide [PDF]
Bulletin insert, full colour [PDF]
Bulletin insert, black & white [PDF]

Additional Resources/Links

Who is My Neighbour? by Major Ray Harris
Redemption Stories by Kristen Ostensen
Hospitality to Strangers by Major Juan Burry
Cultural Integration by Cadet Leonard Heng, Captain Rick Zelinsky
The Loneliness Crisis by Commissioner Mark Tillsley
Searching For a Connection by Kristen Ostensen
Bread of Life by Kristen Ostensen
Where They Belong by Ken Ramstead
House of Prayer by Major Amy Reardon, Colonel Bob Ward
Open Arms by Kristen Ostensen
Welcoming the Stranger by Louise Fernandez
Repeat Business by Ken Ramstead
A Place at the Table by Jonathan and Carla Evans