Archives 101

The following pages hold information for users regarding how archives organize their material, supply users with definitions of archival terminology and explains why certain material may be restricted.

This is a great place to start if you are new to archival research!

Archival Terminology

Confused by the weird terminology archivists and records managers use? Visit the Archival Terminology page for some information on some often used terms.

Salvation Army Terminology

Confused by the weird terminology the Salvation Army uses? Visit the Salvation Army Terminology page for some information on some often used terms.

Organization of archival material

Archives organize their material in a very different way to libraries and museums. Review the organization of archival material page for some information on how archives make material available to users.

Citing Archival Sources

This page provides an overview regarding the citation of archival sources. Citing archival sources is important so the Archives can locate the sources you’ve used should someone ask.

Copyright and Restrictions

Researchers may ask why certain material is not available to the public. There are multiple reasons why this may be the case. The Copyright and Restrictions page outlines the major reasons for material restriction.