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We are always looking for new and interesting artifacts for our collections.

Our mandate is to collect, preserve and where possible digitize historic information specifically about The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda Territory, its officers, soldiers, adherents, friends, and ministry/work.

We have a continually growing collection of over 350 thousand items and are in the process of actively digitizing and making this content, where appropriate available to researchers through our search portal.

Here is how you can donate to us.

Any item that has historical value and reference to The Salvation Army and especially The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda interests us.

We collect items from Headquarters (Divisional and Territorial including Departments under their jurisdiction), Ministry Units, Active and Retired Officers, Soldiers, members and interested general public. Those wishing to donate items to the Salvation Army Archives should consult with an archivist before submitting any material. The Salvation Army Archives only accepts donations that are highly relevant to our collection needs and which fall within the scope of our collecting mandate. Donations must fulfill at least one of the following criteria: support the Salvation Army Archives’ current and evolving collection interests and principles; sustain the research needs of Salvation Army Archives staff and researchers; augment collections of depth; or, enhance the unique and noteworthy holdings of the Salvation Army Archives’ collections. Only material that does not duplicate existing Salvation Army Archives or archival collections can be accepted, and which does not unnecessarily duplicate the collections of other Canadian libraries and archives.

Ministry units are required by Operating Policy to deposit with the Archives Marriage Registers, Dedication Registers, History Books, Corps Rolls and other official documents when they are no longer required at the local level or the local ministry unit has been closed.

For physical items (that is an item that is not digitally born, or has been not been digitized), please complete the donation pre-screen form, and we will send you the necessary forms to complete to make a donation. Please do not send your item to us, until we have had an opportunity to evaluate the item(s) you have and their relevance to our collections. Our storage space is limited.

Understanding the "story" behind an artifact/document/collection is essential for the work of an archive. Therefore, having the information about who, what, when, where and how (as applicable) makes an item more valuable and of greater interest to us. A picture with random "Salvation Army people", is interesting, but knowing who they are, where they are, why the picture was taken and when makes it of greater historical significance and provides valuable context.

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