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    The Eyes Of God

    Retrospective #46 November 6, 2017 Randy C. Hicks
    A little child shall lead them.
    A little child shall lead them.

    Funny thing, but during my appointments in Youth Ministries you might often hear me say “I’m too old to be this young!” Nowadays I find myself saying the reverse “I’m too young to be this old!” Sometimes there seems to be an added weariness that comes with age and experience – the burden seems heavier. There’s this T-shirt on sale (on line) with the slogan: “I’m retired. I was tired yesterday and I’ll be tired again today!” I’m thinking about getting one!

    On Friday past I left the office with a clear plan of action for my posts for this week as we approach November 11 but then yesterday happened. A very disturbed individual walks into a small church in Texas and randomly murders twenty-six people while wounding twenty others and before it all ends he himself is dead, either at his own hand or at the hand of another.

    My soul heaves a very heavy sigh. I’m tired…of the hate, the violence, the cruelty, wars, murders, suicides, nature’s calamities…

    Many corps in our territory had the privilege of honouring our veterans with a special memorial service or reflection during the Sunday morning meeting yesterday. I’ve always had such mixed emotions at these events. Often this happens at the hall but there are those who meet at a cenotaph or similar place to conduct their service – if not yesterday or on a Sunday perhaps some other time of the year. That’s been my experience as a CO. For those wondering where this is going I hope this pulls it together for you!

    The following poem took me eight months to complete but I felt I had to do this. It was a particularly heavy-hearted-Sunday when the seed was first planted and the sentiments expressed then, continue to rise up in me at every report of terrorism, mass shootings, any examples of hate in the hearts of people…

    And so it was yesterday…

    And so it is today…

    I think I may have posted this on my own Facebook page or sent it to friends who indicate an interest in such things so it is possible that some of you may have seen this already. Nevertheless here it is… again.

    The Eyes of God!
    Randy C. Hicks
    February 26, 2017

    Like huge tears
    The drops splashed 
    Against the great stone cross
    Erected as a memorial 
    To the fallen
    And we
    Standing beneath it
    Were being washed by the water
    But we are not clean
    We have not learned
    And one wonders 
    If we ever will
    If we really do care...
    Wars to end wars
    Fire with Fire
    Anger with Anger
    Hate with Hate
    Have you noticed
    It's not working...
    It never has worked...
    More large blotches
    It was trying to rain
    Or was it trying not to rain
    I'm thinking still...
    What will work
    How can we stop 
    The misery and pain
    Of conflict...
    What about the rule
    You know the one
    The "golden rule"
    Treat others
    As you would have them
    Treat you
    Sounds simple enough
    But we don't do it
    No, I think I'm 
    Better than you
    I'm not better
    Just different
    I think I'm 
    Smarter than you
    I'm not smarter
    Just different
    My skin colour
    What does it matter
    My mother tongue
    What of it
    Can I not just be 
    Who I am
    Or at least try to find out
    What that even means
    Can you not be
    Just who you are
    Who makes these rules
    Too tall - Too short
    Too fat - Too thin
    Too black - Too white
    Too smart - Too stupid
    Too religious - Too atheistic 
    Too different - Too alike
    Says who
    Movement on the grounds
    Pipers, Drums, Cadets
    Veterans, Dignitaries 
    Flags, Wreaths
    Still misty - the sky crying
    Funny thing
    When my kids were little
    They would say
    Their eyes were leaking
    When they didn't understand
    What tears were about
    The service begins
    Greetings, Prayers, Poems
    SA Band plays
    Anthems, Hymns
    Chaplain speaks a word
    People are getting wet
    Better wrap it up
    Last worship song
    The Queen
    Pick up...move out
    That's it
    For another year...
    Drizzling heavier...
    Raining now
    Wipers on full...
    The heavens weeping
    The eyes of God...are leaking

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