The Salvation Army Archives has relied on the support of volunteers since its inception and there are multiple ways you can dedicate your time to the archives. You might be a creative person who wants to express their love of history and talents through assisting with  writing, podcasts, collecting oral history or making videos. Perhaps you are more into research and would like to contribute with our archives or help to research historical places or events? You can even support the archives by helping out at community events, being a part of fundraisers assiting with administrative taks, or simply spreading the word and introducing new volunteers. 

​If you have an interest in the Salvation Army, there is a place here at the Salvation Army Archives for you to be an active guardian of our history!

​Here are just a few examples:

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Conduct interviews with salvationists or friends of the Army who have made significant contributions to the work in Canada or Bermuda!
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Be a writer for our Crest Newsletter and let your writing skills flourish, or help with research on Army history!
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Volunteer at local events to help drive membership or simply share your knowledge of Salvation Army history!

​Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Simply click the link below to submit a request to volunteer! Make sure to select "your desired interest" in the "Volunteer Opportunities" section of the form and provide any details on how you'd like to contribute in the "Comment/Question" section!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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