The 2022 theme for Call and Commitment month is “What’s Your Story?”

We all have unique stories, and we all have a place in God’s story. Whether it be through full time ministry as an officer, long term vocational ministry, local ministry opportunities, mentoring those who are figuring that out or praying for others, we all are called to participate in what God is doing here on earth and through His church as part of The Salvation Army. This Call and Commitment month is a time for us to really figure out what our faith story is, where we fit in God’s story and to listen for where God is calling us to next in our story with Him!

Our resources are based on Romans 12, looking especially at The Message translation. Embracing everything God does for us is the best thing we can do for Him. That’s how He shapes our stories! We are all part of the same body, each as equally needed as the other and our stories work together to form what God is asking of The Salvation Army.

 The following are the resources and events taking place, beginning in the month of February, that we invite you to use and engage with, in the active encouragement of others to consider God’s call on their life into long term vocational ministry.

28 Day Prayer Calendar and Spotify worship play list.

This Prayer calendar provides a prayer prompt for each day during our Call and Commitment month, with an accompanying worship song from our Call and Commitment Spotify play list. We invite you to set aside time each day to pray for the daily prompt and listen to the song suggested.

This prayer resource can be downloaded and distributed as a whole, or you can tune into social media for the daily prompts. 

Click here for the Spotify Playlist.

Click here to access all the following Call and Commitment Resources. 

Online Devotions

This is a 4-week guide on finding your place in God’s story, listening for His voice, discovering your call, encouraging others, and committing to where God is calling you.

Week 1 – What is your faith story? 

Week 2 – How to share your faith story with others

Week 3 – Encouraging others in their story

Week 4 - Committing to what God is asking you to do in His story.

 All four weeks will be available to download and use as you would like, either in a group setting or individually. They will also be posted weekly during Call and Commitment month.

 Individual Soul Retreat

This resource is designed for anyone who would like to go deeper and explore what God is asking them to do as part of His story. It can be used individually, as part of a mentoring relationship or in a group.

 Recorded Sermon Resource

To help with the focus in the month of February we have a sermon resource available for use. A pre-recorded sermon by Captain Kristen Dockeray is available to be used as needed throughout Call and Commitment month.

Online Worship Service – February 6th, 2022

On February 6th the Divisional Candidates Secretaries from across the territory are joining together to host the territorial online worship service for that week. This will be a live service focusing on Call & Commitment and Ready for Mission. The service will be hosted on Salvationist Facebook page and will begin at 4PM ET. We encourage you to plan on joining us in worship and share this opportunity in your networks. The service will feature worship and testimony from candidates from across the territory.

The following video elements will be available for use after the service has aired.

Call to worship/prayer – Captain Joyce Downer

Worship segments – CFOT Cadets and Captain Norm Porter

Prayer Focus video – All divisions

Prayer in French/Spanish – Captain Indira Albert

Children’s Time – Major Kathleen Ingram

Creative Prayer – Major Carson Decker

Benediction – Captain Jodi Dunstan

The whole service will also be made available once it has aired on February 6th.

Divisional Prayer Focus – Leaders and Cadets

We will be featuring all current cadets and ministry leaders from each division. Their stories will give you an opportunity to learn more about them and as well as pray for their specific requests.Their stories and pictures will be released on social media but will also be available to download from the link above to be used by local corps if desired.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Candidates recruitment in the territory. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at