Salvation Worship

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    Volume 7 released February 2024. Select a song below to listen to audio tracks and download lead sheets, chord charts, piano chart, and brass charts.

    With thanks to:

    François LeBlanc, Elizabeth Shepherd

    Reggie Brooks, Simon Gough, Callum Greenaway, Deliah Williams, Rabekah Wiseman

    Jake Wiseman (Percussion), Fred Reid (Bass Guitar), Dan Elson (Keys/Synth), Rachel Ewing (Piano), Victor Morales (Electric Guitar), Dan Bate (Acoustic Guitar), Simon Gough (Acoustic Guitar), Marcus Venables (Cornet), Sean van Gulik (Cornet), Barrington Venables (Trombone), Rob Miller (Euphonium), Rob Brown (Tuba)

    Colonel Lani Chamness, Major Randy Hicks, Major Beverly Ivany, Captain Crystal Porter, Lt-Colonel (Dr) Susan van Duinen

    Global Adjudication Team
    Reggie Brooks, Nik King, Victor Morales, Josh Powell, Karl Westwood, Alan Williams

    Lyric Review Panel
    Lt-Colonel Tiffany Marshall, Kevin Slous

    Choral arrangements

    Music Editorial

    Produced by Music and Arts Ministires, Canada and Bermuda Territory