Risk Appetite Interactivity

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Willing to pursue opportunities in program services that support/advance the mission and indicate a return on investment.


Cautious of opportunities in higher risk programs involving vulnerable persons.


Willing to consider opportunities with high risk with significant benefits to TSA; high risk opportunities require close evaluation and approval.

Christian Values

Averse to any compromise of our values and mission.

Data Privacy and Security

Averse to any risk that jeopardizes the privacy and security of TSA, clients and mission partners information.

Health and Safety

Averse to any compromise of the health and safety of our people.


Not willing to accept risk and a very cautious approach to risk.

Client/Resident Experience

Cautious in pursuing opportunities that affect client/resident experience.

Environmental Sustainability

Cautious approach to activities that would degrade the environment.

Operational Business Continuity and Infrastructure

Cautious to risk that may lead to disruption of our programs/services or access to buildings.

Operational Business Continuity and Infrastructure

Averse to risk that may lead to disruption of critical information systems or our core operations.


Cautious in taking risk that may adversely impact the recruitment and retention of personnel.


Cautious of opportunities where risk could adversely impact our reputation.


Cautious and conservative approach to risk; close evaluation of new opportunities is required.

Financial Stewardship

Open to innovation pursuits after financial analysis.

Financial Stewardship

Averse to risk related to irresponsible use of resources, negligence, fraud or unnecessary liabilities.

Overarching Mission

Open to opportunities to enhance our Christian mission, community partnerships and spiritual growth and leadership.


Open to risk in certain situations after informed consideration.
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