Glossary Of Terms - Salvation Army Canada

Glossary of Terms

Intersectional Teams

Social Services Consultants, Accreditation Reviewers and Program Evaluators will work in interdisciplinary teams to meet the needs of Ministry Units. From time to time, and depending on need, these teams may also include personnel from other THQ departments (e.g. Legal, ER, Property). This model is based on the premise that the intersection of expertise and experience will be more valuable to the field than a sum of individual silos, and certainly more valuable than any one person or departmental function working in isolation. As potential projects are identified by Divisions – ideally in the context of relationships with their Regional Consultants – intersectional teams will be formed to accomplish project objectives. Team members will not work in a linear fashion, passing the project from one to another, but instead seek opportunities for the quality of the work product to be improved by collaboration, discussion, knowledge sharing and joint decision-making. Regional Consultants will work together with the Territorial Social Mission Secretary to identify the appropriate team and manage the project.

Communities of Practice

The Social Mission Department will play a role in convening communities of practices for practitioners of various Salvation Army services/sectors. These groups will engage in collective learning, joint activities, and shared problem-solving. The goal is to develop a shared practice among Salvation Army Ministry Units via regular interaction.