Abuse Prevention Tools - Salvation Army Canada

Abuse Prevention Tools 

The following are excerpts from the Territorial Abuse Prevention Manual and Abuse Prevention Resource Manual to guide recruitment, hiring and screening practices of all staff, volunteers and officers to prevent abuse. The full Territorial Abuse Policy and prevention manuals can be accessed via the SA Dashboard.

Application For Work, Children / Vulnerable Adults

Statement of application for Salvation Army employees working with children youth and vulnerable adults


Acknowledgment Of Abuse Prevention Policy Manual

The signature page demonstrating agreement and compliance with The Salvation Army’s Prevention Policy Manual


Recruitment and Screening – Abuse Prevention Manual

An outline of the screening required by The Salvation Army for employment or volunteer positions


List of organization names and associated registration codes


Praesidium 2.0 Quick Start Guide

Instructions for enrolling and logging in to training on Armatus as well as helpful hints to ensure you retain the information presented in the courses.