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Corrections and Justice

The link below posts a short movie celebrating and sharing the ministry we perform in corrections and justice across the territory. Every day we serve in many ways and we touch many lives, and I am thrilled that some of that has been captured in this movie that can be shared. 

This DVD can be used for awareness and education in a variety of ways:

  • To build awareness of our services as community partners
  • To help corps members understand other ways in which the Salvation Army serves
  • To encourage volunteer opportunities (within corps and externally)
  • To share with neighbourhoods to build awareness of what we do (eg: open houses)
  • To demonstrate to funders the scope of our services (eg: could include in funding proposals)
  • To share with colleges and universities who send students to your ministry units for learning opportunities and many others ways.

Please share this movie with staff and volunteers, and whomever else you see fit. I hope this movie is a useful tool for you. Continue with all the great work you do!

The CSO database

The CSO database is a very useful resource for web-based case management within Community Service Order Programs. It tracks basic client data, legal data, client and collateral contact, and monthly progress. It can generate various reports, including for caseworkers and probation officers.

image of desktop computer showing CSO software program.

Contact the IT Department to gain access.