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Image of Old War CryThe Canadian War Cry was first published on November 1, 1884. Since that date, The War Cry has gone through many changes in format, size and design culminating in the current magazine format and name change to Salvationist. With the exception of a few issues, copies of all War Crys published in Canada are in the territorial archives.

The archives is pleased to offer online 105 years of the Canadian War Cry in PDF format beginning with the first eight editions of The War Cry, which was first published on November 1, 1884. Issues for the complete years 1885-1979 (with the exception of several issues that are missing from the archives' collection) are now available. The years 1940-1943 covering the Second World War years make for interesting reading as these issues document The Salvation Army Red Shield services to the troops.
Also on line are issues of Salvationist magazine from 2006-present. Gradually the remaining editions of The War Cry and Salvationist will be added, as time permits. Enjoy the read!

Most issues are word-searchable. However, a number of issues have been scanned from microfilm and, although readable and downloadable, are not at this time word-searchable.

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