Cathie Koehnen (2023-present)

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After a life of music ministry in The Salvation Army and seven years in the Canadian Staff Songsters (CSS), Salvationist Cathie Koehnen has taken over leadership of the CSS following the retirement of Major Len Ballantine. Music is her whole life outside and inside The Salvation Army. When the CSS began seven years ago, she auditioned and then Major Len Ballantine asked her to be the deputy leader. It’s important to her that the group maintain the level of excellence that Len established within the group while they continue to minister where they can, be encouragers and help mentor leaders and singers wherever they go.

Picture of Major Len BallantineMajor Len Ballantine (2016-2023)

Major Len Ballantine is well known throughout the world for his choral and brass leadership and compositions. In 1992 Len was appointed conductor of the UK's International Staff Songsters where he brought a decidedly contemporary note to main stream vocal ensemble work within The Salvation Army.  Len is comfortable with a wide range of musical expressions from the Classics to Pop and welcomes modern material as a helpful necessity in the fashioning of worship.  He is delighted to be the leader of the newly formed Canadian Staff Songsters and looks forward to helping shape a new direction of choral music in the Canada & Bermuda territory.

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