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Mobilize 2.0 is a transformation program that will include the creation of a vision for The Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda territory so that we know where we are heading, and the development of a strategic plan that will help our movement get there.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is Mobilize 2.0?

Mobilize 2.0 is a transformation program for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda that leads into the development and implementation of a strategic plan for the territory. The Mobilize 2.0 program falls under the office of the Territorial Commander.

What will this program accomplish?

This program has been established to ensure that the Canada and Bermuda territory is equipped with:

  1. A vision aligned strategy—the development and implementation of strategic pillars and initiatives aligned with the new territorial vision statement;
  2. A holistic mission delivery model—ensuring a consistent and shared commitment to understanding where and how we deliver mission; and
  3. Mission fit processes—ensuring processes and systems enable effective support of our mission delivery

How is Mobilize 2.0 different from the Mobilize initiative launched in 2015?

Mobilize 2.0 builds upon the solid foundation laid by the seven strategic priorities encompassed in the original Mobilize initiative. Mobilize 2.0 will identify strategic pillars to inform territorial strategic initiatives with measurable goals. Developing and implementing a strategy in alignment with God’s direction will form a path forward for our Army as we continue on this journey of transformation.

Why do we need a vision statement?

The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda has a strong mission statement that identifies who we are and values that reflect what we look like. A vision statement provides us with the direction for where we are going, and the strategic plan will help us determine how we get there.

How was the territorial vision statement created?

The vision statement is a culmination of extensive consultation throughout the territory that took place from the late 2019 to the summer of 2020. From surveys to focus groups to executive leadership discussions, over 3,000 people have spoken into the development of our new vision statement. For more detail, check out the November 2020 issue of Salvationist.

The vision statement you see today echoes the collective hopes and dreams for our movement, developed by our diverse Army of officers, employees, soldiers, volunteers, and partners:

We are an innovative partner, mobilized to share hope wherever there is hardship, building communities that are just and know the love of Jesus.

When can we expect to hear more about the strategic plan?

The Mobilize 2.0 team is in the process of conducting focus group research and consultation to begin the strategic plan development with our territorial leadership. We will keep you posted as we move through the process.

What changes lie ahead?

One goal of the Mobilize 2.0 program is to position all corps, ministry units, divisions and departments for success. This means change is inevitable and to make it happen requires a mission-ready, change-prepared attitude from everyone who belongs to our Army. Keep checking back here for updates on Mobilize 2.0 activities.

When will we hear more?

You can anticipate regular newsletters and updates from your territorial leaders on how Mobilize 2.0 is progressing. Subscribe to The Rally Call newsletter for a monthly program digest and direct any questions or feedback to