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Following the launch of a new vision in November 2020, Mobilize 2.0 is seeding the Army's vision statement throughout the territory. The first event of our year of vision engagement was four live events held in late May and early June. If you attended one of those sessions and are looking for the Learning the Vision (LTV) toolkit, you've come to the right spot.

Download a folder with all the LTV material by tapping the link below (this is better done on a desktop or laptop computer). Once downloaded, double-click on the zipped folder and it will automatically unpack and open. Inside you will find everything you need to share the vision with those in your community.

If you could not make the LTV sessions but have caught the excitement of sharing our vision, the toolkit is for you, too. Use the same link to download the folder, have a look at what's inside and contact us if you need tips on how to share the Army's new vision with people in your circles.

Download the toolkit here

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  Download the children & youth toolkit

What’s inside the toolkit?

  • LTV Now What (pdf)
  • LTV FAQs (pdf)
  • LTV Script (pdf)
  • LTV Talking Points (pdf)
  • LTV Team Meetings (pdf)
  • LTV Vision Unpacked (pdf)
  • LTV Infographics (folder w/ pdfs)
  • LTV Logos (folder w/ pngs)
  • LTV Social Media (folder w/ pngs)
  • LTV Takeaways (folder w/ pngs)
  • LTV Transition Slides (folder w/ pdfs)

Living Our Vision Sermon Series Available

Download the pdf