Noel Brooks

Linda BrinkmanNoel Brooks

Canada and Bermuda Territory

From a very young age, I’ve known the power of music in drawing people closer to Christ. I’ve seen it transform the hearts of others and I’ve experienced it myself. Growing up in Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, I watched my father minister through music by leading the band and playing piano. When I was old enough, I became a band member, songster, and played piano for congregational singing as well while my father played the organ. While studying music at Memorial University in St. John’s, I attended St. John’s Temple and continued to serve and worship by playing trombone and piano. In 1995, I moved to London, Ontario to start a master’s degree and began attending London Citadel. Since being here in London, I think I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of music ministry possible - band, songsters, piano, worship team, youth music ministry, and music camps. I’ve also been arranging band music since about 2000. Recently, I’ve really enjoyed writing choral music and worship songs. For me, there’s nothing as effective and moving as a simple song that beautifully expresses the truth of the gospel.

All There is of Me

Writing this song began the same way as most of my creative projects do - improvising at the piano. I love to make up melodies or reharmonize well-known songs. All There Is of Me began simply as a pretty melody without any idea of the words. After writing a few phrases, I began to search for words that would both fit and be familiar. I’ve always loved when songwriters take old words and set them to new music. Honestly, I only searched in the tune book for a minute or two before I found these lyrics by Sidney Cox. Of course, I remember singing this song from meetings, camps, and youth councils from years ago. The words are challenging, similar to other songs that talk of self-sacrifice and offering our all. A message that is nearly impossible to live out but is the goal of all who follow Christ. After settling on this text and finishing the melody for the verse and chorus, I knew I needed to write the words for a second verse and bridge. The second verse is a response to giving your all to Jesus. It’s a prayer that He will use us to help build His Kingdom. The bridge is simple but focuses on the idea that Cox wrote into the original song - if we are to lay everything on the altar, we must offer both our best and worst moments. 

Time and talents, dreams and futures,

Hands and voices, on Your altar.

Fame and failure, joy and mourning,

Song and silence, all I lay.