Noel Samuels

Marlon Jones

Noel Samuels

Canada and Bermuda Territory

I have been involved in brass banding since I was young. As a member of The Canadian Staff Band for a few decades now, I started leading worship when my small church (Khi Community Church in Milton, Ontario) needed a worship leader. When I first started, I only knew a few basic guitar chords and felt insecure singing on my own. Despite this, God has equipped and used me in this ministry for the last 20 years.

When I was on faculty at Junior Music Camp, I started writing worship music. I was looking for a fun way for the campers to memorize the Scripture passage of the week. I thought, why not use music to lock those verses into our long-term memory? It works for jingles, so why wouldn’t it work for Scripture verses? And so, I gave it a try.

My writing process involves reciting the verses to capture the natural cadence of the spoken words. Then I hum a tune that fits the natural rhythm and often record it into my iPhone voice recorder app. Then I work on figuring out the guitar chords.


Alive With Christ

Alive With Christ is directly inspired by Scripture taken from Ephesians 2, Romans 5, Philippians 4, and Romans 12. We were following the ways of this world – a dead end. But then, we were made right with God and justified by faith. We receive peace, assurance, and strength to live abundantly. This is a song of celebration – we are made alive with Christ.