Simon Gough

Simon Gough
Simon Gough

Canada and Bermuda Territory

Music has always played a significant role in my spiritual life. The combination of lyrics and melody has always helped me memorize and take into my heart more the meaning and significance of a song. I am passionate about God’s people connecting with Him in worship and songwriting has really been an outpouring of this.

Singing God's Praises

Singing God’s Praises is intended to be a song that congregations can use to proclaim how they want to live their lives. It’s a song that declares how we choose to sing praises to God in all situations. I believe that if we want others to be inspired by Christ in us, we need to have joy as we share God’s goodness with those who may not know Him. Sometimes, it can be hard to do this through certain times and seasons in our lives, but with an understanding that we have the enduring love of God with us for all our days, we can have that song of praise ready for all who meet us to hear.

We Are The Church

We Are the Church was written during the pandemic after being inspired by a statement made by the Territorial Commander for Canada and Bermuda in one of the first online services. He mentioned that God was calling us to be the church for those around us during difficult and trying times. The church is not a building or a place, but rather we are God’s church that takes His love to others wherever there is need. The lyrics of the bridge came to me next and help qualify the action and direction contained in the chorus of the song. The bridge says:

It starts in my heart when the walls come tumbling down and my eyes are fixed on You.

Lord, make this the start of a life lived to change the world.

Let the glory go to You.

We need to make sure that tangible change has happened in our hearts first, and that we focus on the love of Jesus and how we can share that with others.

For Unto Us

I love when we find ways to take some of the great truths and melodies from hymns and songs of our heritage and bring them into a modern context. For Unto Us is a beautifully written and well-known section from The Messiah. I wanted to give the congregation a chance to use it in worship in a setting that might speak to them in a more relevant way.