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Election 2021: Party Platforms

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With less than a week to go to the election, the kids back in school, and the Fall starting to take shape, you may finally have an opportunity to start looking at your choices for places to park your vote.  Thankfully, we have excellent news outlets that have distilled the party platforms for the parties contending for your support. 

We aren't endorsing one news source over another, but have found a few that have created an excellent comparison of our political parties and where they stand on issues such as Food Security, Housing, Indigenous Affairs and Racism.  These are some of the same topics The Salvation Army has commented on in the past year, and it is helpful to see what our party leaders are proposing.

If you don't like these then a simple Google search for 2021 Election Party Platforms will give you even more choices.  This is about being informed, and hopefully this will help you in that regard. The Canadian Council of Churches has also released an election toolkit, and we've included that for your interest as well.


CBC Election Party Platforms

MacLeans 2021 Platform Guide


French Version

English Version

For more election information and resources go to the Public Affairs Election 2021 page.