Kathleen Johansson

Kathleen Johansson

Captain Kathleen Johansson 

Eastern Europe Territory

Having not grown up in the Army, I was surprised by how much I loved Salvation Army music when I first heard it. The band at my home corps had so much soul and I fell in love straight away. Even before then, music has always been important to me. I started to play the piano when I was six years old. These days, I sing as much praise to God as I can and take every creative opportunity that comes my way. I hope to be making even more music for God and the Army in the future.

Come, Oh Burning Spirit, Come

This song came about because Major Stephen Court shared some “Holiness Meeting Fodder” on his Facebook page and I became intrigued. One of the good things about the English Song Book (compared to the Swedish for example) is that the text is not attached to a melody. As soon as I read the text on his post, I started to sing a melody, even though I had never heard the original song. I wrote it down and recorded myself and tried to figure out some of the chords. I tend to have self-doubt and sometimes think that my melodies are boring, but with a little help from a friend and some chord tweaking, the song was eventually born. I hope that this new melody can give life to the beautiful story that is found in these lyrics from Charles Fry.Come oh burning song book