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The Salvation Army is not only part of the Christian church, but also a 'holiness movement' whose members seek to become more like Jesus Christ through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Personal devotions and worship, together, in the community of believers are vital parts of Salvation Army spiritual life, as are Bible study, prayer and meditation.

This Salvation Army Canada and Bermuda website exists to strengthen the spiritual health and wellness of all Salvationists, employees, volunteers and the people we serve. Here you will be introduced to the members of the Territorial Spiritual Life Development Network. Here you will also find a suggested monthly guide to assist the building up of your spiritual life, a monthly prayer focus to assist you in praying for our territory, an on-line daily devotional Words of Life, a daily Bible Verse, access to RightNow Media for all associated with our territory and an opportunity to share your prayer requests with us (at right), and more.

PDF of the Spiritual Life Development Team