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    October Reflection October 9, 2020 by Major Beverly Ivany

    Okay. Let’s begin with the obvious: the COVID-19 “Elephant in the Room “! And those in authority tell us this very ugly, despicable Elephant is growing daily. So how can we truly be a thankful people, with a deadly virus swarming all around us? A virus that is preventing us from having a normal, wonderful, celebratory Thanksgiving weekend—being present at church with people we love and long to see again. Then not forgetting restrictions put on us to avoid hosting a delicious, scrumptious turkey dinner with many family members and cherished friends the following day. Not easy!

    Yet if we take time -- even for a few moments, right now, wherever we are -- to stop staring at the ever-present Elephant in its face, we soon come to realize there are SO many things for which to be thankful on this beautiful long weekend provided for us all:

    Family and friends—who love and care for us (and us for them)

    Fresh air—and the lingering, fragrant smell of nature itself

    The beautiful singing of birds—and the awesome, changing colour of leaves

    Our health—and our wonderful health care system

    Our country—and the safety and protection it provides

    Plenty of healthy food to eat—and the amazing privilege of access to clean water

    Shelter—providing safety and warmth and security

    A faithful, loving God—who cares for us more than we could ever begin to imagine

    The promise of eternity—living in God’s awesome presence forever!


    The list could go on and on of course. For when we take time to put our complaining aside, and stop grumbling about being sick and tired of the virus (and we all are !), we soon come to realize that we are such a blessed people! Men and women in other parts of the world are suffering far more than we could ever comprehend. We must pray for them—that soon they will get some sense of relief. And there are other things going on in people’s lives that we may not be aware of at all; things that are tragic and extremely frightening. We must pray for them—that they will know of God’s presence with them--bringing comfort, strength, and some sense of peace deep within.

    On this Thanksgiving Weekend we are to lift our hearts and souls to God in praise for who He is, thanking Him for His amazing love for each one of us. To humbly thank Him for the many, many blessings we have received, and are still receiving on a daily basis. So, what is the one word which is on our lips—and hearts-- this day? Let’s shout it out, for all to hear. We, as God’s children, are indeed:


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