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    When Will We "Sing Together" Again?

    A PANDEMIC LAMENT May 25, 2020 Major Beverly Ivany
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    Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
    Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

    Why, Lord? We’re still not getting it – the reason for it all.

    Why have You “allowed” this pandemic to happen – something that is causing such despair and anxiety and pain? Why have you allowed so much to be taken from us? We feel stripped bare. Completely vulnerable. Totally lost. Empty. Feelings we have never really experienced before. What now is our meaning and purpose?

    And for how long, Lord?

    Everyone has been affected by this despicable, detestable, degrading virus. If we knew this would all come to an end soon, we could better cope with this whole experience. But we know nothing, living day to day in the horrible clutches of this dark, ugly cloud that continuously looms over us. This mysterious, highly intrusive pandemic is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. And we hate it!

    You created us to be in community. To reach out and care and have love for one another. Yet now we live in isolation; a total dis-connect. It’s called social distancing. But it is really forced social abandonment. Unnatural. Foreign to who we are as Your people. We’re tired of trying to indicate that we’re OK and doing well—when we are not OK, not well -- at all !

    We are here, waiting to hear from You, Lord. Wait … You are wanting to respond? Speak, please Lord Jesus. We’re listening to Your voice …

    “See afresh the clear-blue sky; hear the melodies the birds are singing; smell the aroma of the fragrant flowers; taste the sweetness of fresh ripened fruit; feel the softness of the sun-kissed sand. I have created everything for you to enjoy! And so, for this time, be thankful for the precious gift of life itself! In these days of uncertainty, take time daily to bring others before My throne in prayer. Make significant connections with those you love, and new contacts with those who are very much alone. Share My love with all people, in different and innovative ways. Let’s be sure to still sing beautiful songs of joy! – even if it’s just the two of us, for now. And know, beyond all doubt, that you are deeply loved. This horrific pandemic is in My hands. Just trust me. Hold on to Me-- now, and forevermore !”

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