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Holiness Resources

SERIES: A Christocentric Perspective by Major Dr. Alan Harley
A Higher Up Religion  by General William Booth and Commissioner Wesley Harris
SERIES: Holiness in the Traffic by Lieutenant Colonel Ian Barr
SERIES: Songs of Holiness Series by Major Melvyn Jones
SERIES: The Way of the Holiness  by Commissioner S.L. Brengle

A Holy Mission: Mission in Social Holiness by Lieutenant Xander Coleman
A Ladder to Holiness by General William Booth
Are We Really a Holiness Movement? by Major Dr. Alan Harley
Baptism of the Holy Spirit by Colonel Jenny Walker
Brengle and Scripture: Saturated with the Whole Counsel of God by Envoy Steve Bussey
Christomorphosis by Major Stephen Court
Cracked Pots: Give Us Sincere Hearts by Jonathan Evans
Crisis, Process by Jonathan Evans
Free and Filled by Lieutenant Olivia Munn-Shirsath
Gifts of the Spirit by General William Booth
Hierarchy and Holiness by Major Harold Hill
Holiness and How to Get It by Andrew Bale
Holiness is the Solution by Major Stephen Court
Holiness Movement – Time To Be Holy by Colonel Richard Munn
Holiness the Baggage Handler by Andrew Bale
Holiness by Commissioner Brian Morgan
Holy Leadership by Commissioner Raymond Finger
How to Receive the Greatest Gift by Catherine Booth
How to Teach Holiness by Commissioner George Scott Railton
Just Holy by Major Danielle Strickland
Mr. Wesley and Me – Thank You, Mr. Wesley by Lieutenant Nicola Poore
Practical, Accessible, Inward Holiness by Soldier Aaron White
Social Holiness by Major Amy Reardon
Something More by Commissioner Alison Walter
That Holy Thing by Major Stephen Court
The Pentecostal Baptism of the Holy Ghost by General William Booth
The Renewing of Power by Commissioner S.L. Brengle
Thoughts on the State of Holiness in the Salvation Army
Wesley’s Wholistic Salvation by Major Ron Millar
Without Holiness None Shall See Revival by Andrew Bale


Holiness of Hand by Colonel Lindsay Rowe
Holiness of Head by Colonel Lindsay Rowe
Holiness of Heart by Colonel Lindsay Rowe
Refuel Keynote Address by Colonel Lindsay Rowe


Called to be God's People by Commissioner Robert Street