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Embrace Resources

Making friends as an adult is not easy. Yet, we are designed to be a part of a community, we crave it.  We desire to be known, to be heard, to be accepted, to be welcomed and to be loved. This is why The Salvation Army USA Central Territory launched Embrace.  We have been given permission to share this resource on our Spiritual Life website. 

Relationships are an important part of Spiritual Health and Wellness. 

Embrace is a focus group or outreach program option and vision to bring people together in groups of 6-8 within your corps community (and beyond) to encourage purposeful conversations about life and Jesus and to build friendship and sisterhood within the Body of Christ.

Embrace groups are designed to meet once a month, on a day that works best for each group, for up to two hours at a time. The intended format of Embrace is to share a meal together and then engage in guided discussion with provided questions/challenges to help open up the doors of sharing and vulnerability – creating true sisterhood.

More on Embrace see the links below and the following

Embrace Promo Video (large file)
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