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Salvationist Spirituality

What is Spirituality?
Since the early 1890’s, the word spirituality has been used in the sociology of religion to describe that cluster of religious practices which express the beliefs and values of a particular religious group.  (Alexander, Donald, and Sinclair B. Ferguson. Christian Spirituality: Five Views of Sanctification. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsity, 1988.)

“Christian spirituality is the lived experience of God.”  God is Holy.  Salvationists are called to live the holiness of God, to make the holiness of God known, to walk in white and to live the truth, to love with a pure love… (Harris, Ray. 1Convictions Matter: The Function of Salvation Army Doctrines. N.p.: Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada, 2014. N. pag)

Spirituality and Spiritual Formation [PDF] – an article featured from SArmy Australia Southern Territory Resource Centre.

Salvationist Spirituality
“Salvationists have often prided themselves on being evangelical activists with little time to give to the luxury of the contemplative life. However, with research into our history, Major Christine Faragher has discovered 'a hidden stream' of contemplative spirituality in The Salvation Army that we need to reclaim. Our mission, our outward activity and service for God must be fuelled and energised by our spiritual life - with God on the inside.” - General Eva Burrows (PTG) (Faragher, Christine. Other Voices: Exploring the Contemplative in Salvationist Spirituality. Melbourne, Vic.: Salvo, 2010.)