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Territorial Prayer Focus

Every season, the Spiritual Life Development Department produces a Territorial Prayer Focus. Please join with us in prayerful support.

Territorial Prayer Focus, Winter 2019

Greetings in the Name of Jesus!  2019 here we are, ready or not.  Imagine facing this new year without Jesus?  Scary thought, yet that is what so many all around us are doing.  We are called to bring His hope to a world desperately in need of hearing from Him.  May God bless us with increased sensitivity to His movement all around us – open our eyes and our hearts Lord.

From My Home to Your Home:

Christmas seems like forever ago, yet it’s only the middle of January.  Time is a funny thing.  As you reflect back on 2018 Christmas celebrations, do you feel a sense of satisfaction?  Is there a nagging feeling that once again the season came and went in a bustle of activity, but with too little Jesus?  Or, perhaps this past Christmas was one of the best you’ve ever had.  Feel free to drop me a line here through our SLD page.  Also look for us on Facebook in the coming weeks! We’d love to hear from you.

In our home, with four daughters between 15 and 23 years old, we have lots of action and not many dull moments.  Christmas day was different for us this year due to one daughter’s work commitments.  I had the privilege of spending most of Christmas afternoon at a Toronto L’Arche community, a home for adults with intellectual disabilities.  Rather than heading out into the streets (like one of our daughters had suggested), I spent time making gravy and carving a turkey in a home other than my own.  Enjoying conversation with adults with special needs was a joy, and not something I’ve ever done on Christmas Day in past years.  There was a sense of rightness:  Jesus was there as we laughed and enjoyed community in an unexpected place.   I believe He’s calling us all to look for Him in unlikely places throughout 2019. 

For the next few months of 2019, let’s join together in prayer: 

  • With grateful hearts to a wonderful God who saves and transforms lives!
  • Pray for the Bermuda division: A Renewed Prayer focus for 2019
  • Pray for Holy Spirit love to fill us to overflowing, especially in the busyness of life.
  • Pray for the Prairie division: For increased Innovation in Ministry
  • Pray for open hearts as we serve, and for wisdom from God to not miss His divine appointments.
  • Pray for the Quebec: New initiative of a Chaplain to Montreal Community & Family Services
  • Pray for clear invitations across the territory for people to come to faith in Jesus! 

 For Reflection: 

Last week, Commissioner Susan McMillan unveiled our Territorial Core Values.  Spend time in prayer asking the Holy Spirit to speak in two ways - to us as individuals, and as a SA people:

1)      “In what ways Lord are you pleased with how I am (we are) living out these core values?”

2)      “In what ways Lord am I (are we) letting you down in these specific areas?”

Download: Territorial Prayer Focus, Winter 2019 (PDF)


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