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Graphic heading, Prayer: Submission, Obedience, Presence

Prayer Downloads

One-page study guide [PDF]
Bulletin insert, full colour [PDF]
Bulletin insert, black & white [PDF]

Additional Resources/Links

From Mercy Seat to Maturity by Major Wendy Swan
Not My Will, But Yours by Commissioner William W. Francis
Revitalize Your Prayer Life by Major Gail Winsor
Rewind Your Mind by Major Kathy Dickens
Sacred Reading by Captain Mark Braye
Voices from God by Major Bruce Power, PhD
Why Pray? by Commissioner William W. Francis
What Happens When Salvationists’ Pray? by Commissioner William W. Francis
My Prayer for You by Commissioner William W. Francis
Is Prayer a Waste of Time? by Major Danielle Strickland
Wrestling with God by Donald E. Burke
A Day at the Beach by Lt-Colonel Ann Braund
Reading Between the Lines by Major Brenda Critch
Our Father … by Major Rita Pittman