Salvation Army Canada - Retreats


Incorporating into our lives a rhythm of work and retreat is part of our spiritual health.

Dion Oxford explains ‘polarity’ or ‘tension’ management. Polarity management, he says, is about acknowledging that life and work are full of tensions that need to be managed.  Like breathing, where the two seemingly opposite things of inhaling and exhaling are crucial for survival and need to be managed well – tension management is necessary for healthy living. It is important to note that polarity management uses AND, not BUT or OR.   Back to our breathing example, we need to both inhale AND exhale in order to be healthy. The experience of spiritual health and wellness requires both work AND retreat. Therefore a strategic spiritual health activity is to work retreats into your annually, monthly, weekly and daily calendar.


  • Plan vacations and protect them, look forward to them.
  • Plan to celebrate Anniversaries and special occasions with friends and family


  • Set monthly Coaching – Performance Evaluations - check-ins - how am I doing?
  • Set monthly Mentoring and/or Spiritual Direction and/or networking


  • Keep the Sabbath
  • Cease working one day in seven.


  • Time with God – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”
  • Time with spouse/family/friends

Sample One-Day Retreat - (Dr. David Sherbino “Renew -A Basic Guide for a Personal Retreat”) (PDF)