Retreat 2021 - Salvation Army Canada

Additional Resources


1) Loving God through Contemplation

Resources for quiet contemplation. Introducing how to use a labyrinth for a time of renewal, as well as a practical outline for how to have a personal retreat day.

Lake and Mountain

2) Loving God through Nature

An interactive tool for those who love connecting with God in the great outdoors.

Paint Tubes

3) Loving God through Art

You will be encouraged by hearing from artist Makoto Fujimura and how he came to Christ. Also, his understanding of mending trauma using the imagery of art. Finally, a suggested reflection on a youtube video with a master potter.

Girl Looking up to sky

3) Loving God with your mind

 John Stott, NT Wright and W. Brueggeman all have made significant contributions to our faith and encourage us to engage with God and the world through right thinking. As well, if you’re uncertain how you find meaningful connection with God the ‘Sacred Pathways’ quiz, will give you some direction.