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Behind the Shield

Volunteers are the heart and soul of The Salvation Army.

We are incredibly grateful for every one of our volunteers who give so generously of their time, passion and skills. For more than a hundred years, The Salvation Army has relied on our volunteers to be the driving force behind our organization and yet, they have never had their own official identity. Until now!

To better express our appreciation for our volunteers and the crucial role they play in making our mission possible, we are excited to introduce Behind the Shield.

More than just a name, Behind the Shield is a recognition of the longstanding and indispensable community of volunteers who support the work of the Army. It is a shared attitude and viewpoint of what our volunteers mean to us and to our clients. Most importantly, it is a collective philosophy of what it means to volunteer with The Salvation Army.

The presence of this identity is a constant reminder that our volunteers are not simply people on the periphery, helping us out. They are individuals who stand proudly with us Behind the Shield.

Side-by-side, people who share a common desire to support others without discrimination, are making a real difference in our world. Behind the Shield is a celebration of everyone’s right to live with dignity, hope and respect.

As a member of our Behind the Shield community, volunteers transform our organization, the lives of those in need and their own journey, as well.