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    A Christmas Encounter

    Retrospective #57 December 28, 2017 Randy C. Hicks
    You never know who might drop by...
    You never know who might drop by...

    I had hoped to share the following word doodle before Christmas Day, toward the end of our Kettle Campaign but no matter how hard I searched - I could not find it.

    Today I found it!

    And, even though the campaign is over for this year we are still in the “Twelve Day’s of Christmas” window, so here it is.

    From 2012 based on an actual encounter experienced by a young bandsman friend of mine:

    Surrendering All!
    Randy C. Hicks
    (thanks Jonathan) 
    January 1, 2012

    'Twas a simple job for Christmas
    I don't know what else to say
    It got me out of the house
    And gave me a chance to play!

    From gig to gig we moved around
    Giving collectors a hand 
    Not the most exciting act
    But hey, we were in demand!

    A time to move from "A" to "B"
    We grabbed up our stuff and marched
    Maybe a break would be good
    Water for those who were parched!

    That's when we met him on the way
    Panhandler, begger, or thief
    My one thought was - " Here we go,
    I really don't want this grief!"

    Just then he turned the tide on us
    And emptying both his hands
    Placed his cash in the bubble
    And said how he loved the bands!

    I'd seen the wealthy pass us by
    Not give us the time of day
    While this poor soul gave his all
    When I'd hoped he'd go away!

    There humbled, and yes, strangely warmed
    Feet more quickly did move
    Renewed in purpose - fired up
    I knew I had more to prove!

    The twenties and fifties were great
    The tens and fives were ok
    A new lesson I had learned
    The soul determines the pay!

    This hobo had given his all
    Dollars - not significant
    Value - immeasurable 
    Example - magnificent!

    Please Lord help me give You my best
    Ne'er holding back any part
    Surrendering all I have
    Yes, giving You all my heart!

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