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    Retrospective #12 September 19, 2017 Randy C. Hicks
    I respectfully call you the "Old Wolf!"
    I respectfully call you the "Old Wolf!"

    There's a whole new variation of the English language being used on social media today. Complete sentences and expressions are being reduced to abbreviations or codes. If you don't know this it can be most embarrassing. For example, in a recent appointment I frequently had to communicate with worship leaders. Often I sent and received notes and texts from one of them in particular. Some of the responses from him made me a little uncomfortable as he often ended with L.O.L. In my earlier life experience I understood L.O.L. to mean “Lots of Love!” You remember correct? I'm thinking, “I love you too bro, but isn't this a bit much?” This went on for a short period of time until someone explained to me that L.O.L. now means “Laugh out Loud!” Of course! That made far more sense in the contexts it had been used and believe me, when I told him about this; we did indeed laugh out loud!

    It occurred to me recently that some of us boys learned to speak in code years ago. If you were a member or leader in the Scouting program you know of what I speak especially if you were a part of the Cub Scout branch of the movement (formerly known as Wolf Cubs or just Cubs).

    Remember the Grand Howl?

    It went something like this:

    Scouter (Often assigned the name “Akela”): "Pack - Pack - Pack!" This calls the Cubs into a Parade Circle.

    The Cubs reply as they run to their places in the circle.

    Cubs: "Pack!"

    As the Scouter enters the circle, the Cubs squat down on their heels with their "fore paws" on the ground between their feet and their knees out on either side.

    Cubs: "Ah-kay-la! We-e-e-e-ll do-o-o-o o-o-o-u-u-r BEST!" 
    On the word "BEST", the Cubs jump to their feet with two fingers of each hand at the sides of their heads, to resemble a wolf's ears.

    A Sixer (a boy leader): "Dyb - dyb - dyb -dyb" 
    The word "dyb" means "Do Your Best" which is the first part of the Cub Promise and was the original Wolf Cub motto.

    On the fourth "dyb", the Cubs lower their left hands and the fingers of their right hands extend to form the Wolf Cub salute.

    Cubs: "We-e-e-e-ll dob-dob-dob-dob", meaning "We'll do our best".

    Every time we “Dybbed and Dobbed” we were speaking in what is today’s “Text & Tweet” lingo.

    Then I started thinking about the Cub Promise:

    “I promise to Do My Best. To do my duty to God, and to the Queen, to keep the Law of the Wolf Cub Pack, and to do a good turn to somebody every day”;

    which brought me to the Cub motto:

    “Do Your Best;”

    and then to the Cub Law which used to go like this:

    “The Cub gives in to the Old Wolf. The Cub does not give in to himself.”

    Apparently it now goes like this: “The Cub respects the Old Wolf, The Cub respects himself/herself.”

    Things change, as they should, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. I’m not sure on this one. Certainly respecting others is a given, it’s what we ought to do for sure. And respecting oneself is also important after all Jesus did say “love your neighbour as yourself.”

    “Giving in” on the other hand, while we in our day saw it as a required element of respect to adults and leaders - today that’s not necessarily the case. Again this can be good or this can be not so good. From an “Army” perspective we have ever been called on to give in, surrender to and/or obey the “Captain of our salvation” – the Lord Jesus. Would the Lordship of Christ, a life of Holiness be possible without surrender; without giving in?

    Today’s negative vibes reflected by the lack of respect for others, the bigotry, enslavement of humanity in its many forms; people forced into submission to dictators, drug lords, pimps, egotistical leaders in state, church and business to name a few - all of these draw from us an abhorrent response to the idea of “giving in.” No doubt these instances ought to stir such disturbing emotions yet deep down we know of an instance that could act as a remedy for all this human ugliness, the solution that ultimately would bring wholeness to the entire world – our surrendering, our truly giving in to the Love of God. And regarding this – we really do need to "Dob, Dob, Dob, Dob!"

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